Design II

Deadlines and reminders:
  • Remind101: text @design218 to 81010
  • During our coronavirus online learning, all lessons and resources will be posted via Google Classroom.

Please remember that these should be supplemented with books/periodicals, and PLEASE NOTE: I have no control over these material posted on these sources. They often contain mature language or content. Please contact me if you have any concerns with this or are troubled by anything you come across and would like to discuss. These are NOT required sources, so please use at ONLY AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION.

Amazing art blogs to help with artists’ block and stimulate creativity:

Excellent art image databases:
 Guggenheim Museum online library Art-specific books that can be read entirely online
 Olga's Gallery Phenomenal online database with short bites of info about multiple artists.
 The Web Gallery Of Art Gallery of early European art.
 Google Art Project Fantastic virtual tours of fine art museums, with images so high quality you can see the paint strokes- personal favorite art resource Good online art gallery that lets you view groups by genre (Art Nouveau, etc.). Will ask for a login, but doesn’t require one Login in the upper right corner using my email and the password 'pnhsart' if you'd prefer to not use your own information
 The Rijksmuseum Online Excellent image gallery from one of the most famous art museums in the Netherlands
 The Met Museum Online One of the most famous museums in the world has uploaded high-quality scans of over 400,000 pieces from it's collection
 The Museum of Modern Art World famous modern art collection; has a sizable online collection
 Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History Not an IMAGE database, but a reliable, comprehensive online chronicle of Art History
 British Library Image Archive Copyright free historical images taken from books in the collection of the renowned British Library.
 New York Public Library Digital Archive Copyright free historical images and artwork from multiple centuries.
 Encyclopedia Britannica ImageQuest Copyright free image database of images with COMPREHENSIVE citations and explanations.
 Online symbol dictionary Helpful symbol resource
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Sep 1, 2017, 11:42 AM